Revision or Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Manhattan/NYC

The nose is a vital part of our face: it provides us with our sense of smell, aids our sense of taste, lends character to our features and most importantly allows us to breathe properly. When a nose is destroyed through trauma, cancer, or perhaps a poor outcome from prior rhinoplasty, it can be devastating. To successfully rebuild the nose for reconstructive, restorative or cosmetic purposes a plastic surgeon needs to have an exhaustive skill set and complete understanding of the anatomy and complexities of the nose. At our Manhattan office, highly acclaimed and double board certified surgeon, Dr. William M. Portnoy, employs his talent for reconstructive rhinoplasty and literally re-building noses with a high level of precision and care. This endeavor also includes cosmetic or revision rhinoplasty for patients with less than satisfactory results following procedures performed elsewhere.

In order to partially or completely reconstruct a nose, Dr. Portnoy must carefully rebuild all three layers of the organ including the inner mucosal lining, the supportive cartilage framework and the outer skin/soft-tissue envelope. Often, this is done over the course of staged and separate operations. However, other less involved procedures, often following MOH’s cancer resection, can be performed in one sitting under local anesthesia at our Manhattan office conveniently located in the heart of Chelsea.

Similar measures may also be employed in order to help those who have trouble breathing due to developmental abnormalities such as a deviated septum or unfavorable/abnormal internal framework of the nose. In many cases these surgical procedure which are performed to improve the overall function of the nose and/or sinuses will be covered by one’s health insurance policy.

Dr. Portnoy looks forward to discussing the details of your nasal reconstruction or rhinoplasty with you during your consultation with him at his Manhattan office. To schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one, please contact us at (212) 366-0848 or by email at