Assessing the nose ORPlastic surgery of the nose is one of the most common yet challenging cosmetic procedures performed.  The type of operation that is undergone, however, depends on the type of changes one is seeking.  The anatomical differences of the human nose are myriad.  You may feel your nose is too large, small, wide, narrow, pointy, low-hanging over projected or just simply unattractive.  Some choose to undergo rhinoplasty to alter or de-emphasize their ethnicity; others may have traumatized their nose or require a revision rhinoplasty to correct a less successful outcome performed by another surgeon. In any case, being unhappy or self-conscious about your facial features is something Dr. Portnoy understands and takes very seriously.  He firmly believes that plastic surgery of the nose is an extraordinary means to unleash striking looks and improve self-confidence by creating an “enhanced you”.

Getting started OR

Though the nose may appear to be a simple part of your face, it is actually quite a complicated structure.  The ways the cartilages, bones and skin envelope develop and relate to each other contribute to this complexity.  It takes the skills and judgment of a seasoned cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeon to provide you with the outstanding results one expects and demands.  Consistent, exceptional results are why Dr. Portnoy is continuously sought out as one of Manhattan’s top rhinoplasty surgeons.  Be it primary or revision nasal surgery, Dr. Portnoy’s techniques for rhinoplasty are literally “cutting edge”.  Following your surgery you will be left with little, if any, visible scarring and a quick return to your daily routine.

Perhaps other doctors may not have comprehended the subtleties of your wishes, but as a true “student of the nose” and a dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Portnoy can be counted on to have a clear understanding of your desires and give you the aesthetically balanced and naturally appearing nose you envision.

Choosing the correct rhinoplasty surgeon may be one of the most critical decisions of your life.  Being double Board Certified, Dr. Portnoy has become recognized as a leading New York City rhinoplasty surgeon and can be trusted to listen to all of your concerns and help you make the right choice for your aesthetic well-being.