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What is Clinical Pilates?

Every person’s biomechanics and movement patterning are all slightly different. All sports and work require different skills and muscle activation. When it comes to injury prevention and skill development every persons needs are slightly different. Clinical Pilates is individual or small group Pilates with a physiotherapist.

How does Clinical Pilates exercises work?

With pilates you train the core muscles around your spine. The focus of pilates is soley on you and we will make sure that you are maintaining the best technique possible. With that you can recover from your condition as soon as possible. Pilates exercises are aimed at the appropriate level for you and your pain and are progressed when possible and tolerated.

Please be advised that of March, 2023, Dr. Portnoy will be practicing exclusively in Miami, FL at 2 locations. To schedule your appointment, please call (305) 662-8316.


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