Patient didn’t like the appearance of her nose, in particular the droopy, bulbous tip. Underwent open approach rhinoplasty to re-shape and re-position her tip cartilages with a natural appearing result. After suffering facial trauma, returned for revision rhinoplasty to build up her collapsed dorsum.

Constantly in the limelight, the appearance of his nose was just not flattering to the rest of his good looks. Correcting the tip cartilages through an open structure rhinoplasty and re-setting the nasal bones provided for refinement of the appearance of the nose he desired with a more confident, happy patient.

Reducing the "Large Nose" Rhinoplasty

Having lived her adult life unable to breathe- essentially a “nasal cripple” resulting from a teenage rhinoplasty, the patient elected to undergo a major revision rhinoplasty. Her extensive open approach rhinoplasty required ear cartilage to reconstruct the weakened tip cartilages and correct the deviated septum with a huge success both in function and appearance. A triumph for quality of life.

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