Rhinoplasty Expert Chelsea NY
Michelangelo's David statue in Piazza della Signoria (Florence, Italy).

Plastic surgery of the nose is one of the most common yet challenging cosmetic procedures performed. The type of operation that is undergone, however, depends on the type of changes one is seeking. The anatomical differences of the human nose are myriad. You may feel your nose is too large, small, wide, narrow, pointy, low-hanging over projected or just simply unattractive. Some choose to undergo rhinoplasty to alter or de-emphasize their ethnicity; others may have traumatized their nose or require a revision rhinoplasty to correct a less successful outcome performed by another surgeon. In any case, being unhappy or self-conscious about your facial features is something Dr. Portnoy understands and takes very seriously. He firmly believes that plastic surgery of the nose is an extraordinary means to unleash striking looks and improve self-confidence by creating an “enhanced you”.

Please be advised that of March, 2023, Dr. Portnoy will be practicing exclusively in Miami, FL at 2 locations. To schedule your appointment, please call (305) 662-8316.


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